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Few fruits are nutrition-loaded as POMEGRANATE It's been used for thousands of years for its health benefits. From all the varieties, the sweet pomegranate balances all constitutions.

5 benefits of seasonal fruit and vegetab

1. Tastier because they are in season is at their peak of flavour; 2. More environmentally friendly because they haven't been processed, shipped or consumed more energy; 3. More supportive of local growers; 4. Healthier because fewer chemicals are needed to fertilise it and 5. A way of encouraging more variety on our plates.

A daily sleep routine is essential for maintaining good health and regularise our biological clock. It harmonises our body and calms down our mind 😴 Finding it difficult? Check out your diet and lifestyle routine, they impact directly on your so much necessary resting hours.

The world is your Oyster

Reiki & Hand Massage for the Elderly

Restocking my fridge after holidays

Nature shows us the perfect reason

Communication breaks down isolation

Doing what you love is a blessing. Getting ready for my next workshop.

Psychological problems are not our true nature

Ayurvedic Phychology emphasises the importance of right relationships