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Maika has helped my son manage his asthma in a completely natural way. Before his ayurvedic treatment he was on steroids for 3 years, which had affected his growth, teeth and ability to stay calm. After 6 months of consultations with Maika the difference was amazing; no more emergency room visits or steroids. He is now a happy 6 year old boy doing all sorts of sports without the need of any inhalers. I am deeply grateful to Maika for all her help and support. Smaro, mum of Lukas.

Smaro K

¿Qué es lo más importante que aprendiste en este taller?

Como detectar el tipo de digestión que tengo y en base a eso poder elegir la comida que necesita mi cuerpo más allá de las ganas que tenga de comer o no.


¿Qué es lo más importante que aprendiste en este taller?

Comer saludable, aprender las adecuadas combinaciones, satisfaciendo el deseo, de sentirme satisfecha, óptima, en estado feliz.

"Principios Básicos de la Nutrición Ayurveda"

¿Qué es lo más importante que aprendiste en este taller?

Que no depende todo de las vitaminas y minerales sino de la correcta incorpotacion de los sabores, segun cada persona.


"It has been a pleasure working with Maika. Her passion about Ayurveda and teaching about it is present in everything she does... more importantly she understood where I was and where I wanted to be in my journey of eating healthily. I don't believe in drastic changes as in my life they have not been sustainable. I am still on a journey but have changed long-lasting bad habits slowly and forever. Thank you!!!"

Natalia V.

Counsellor, London

Maika has successfully treated my daughter for respiratory disorders, my husband for acidity and supported my father with diet and preparations during a difficult time two years ago. I would also like to comment on Maika’s passion for career, she completely believes in this medicine and she is able to communicate her devotion. Patients are motivated by this and feel engaged in their treatment as she explains why she is prescribing such preparations or why she is introducing spices or advising on diet changes. And most importantly she follows patients up very closely to ensure great outcomes.

Daniella R.


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