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Wellbeing Consultation

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • £70
  • Online Session or Home Visit

Service Description

My approach is to first of all get a really good understanding of your overall health, which involves a lot of listening, only then can I recommend a personalised plan. We start with a thorough consultation in which I listen to your current concerns and explore your health history. Seemingly separate symptoms can be interconnected which is why getting an in-depth understanding of your personal health enables me to provide holistic treatment. Drawing on a range of expertise including Breathwork and Ayurveda, I make recommendations tailored to suit your lifestyle and motivations. Recent scientific research into the gut-brain connection supports ancient Ayurvedic principles about the link between emotional and physical symptoms. We know that what you eat affects more than just your digestion and weight. In addition, your gut-microbiome is very individual, so a diet that suits one person is not right for another. Therefore, this initial consultation, which will involve probing into sleep, allergies, food preferences, and toilet habits amongst other things, is the essential first step to desing a plan to help you feel better. This is also your chance to express your priorities and for me get a sense of what type and pace of change you feel is achievable. *Low cost consultation fees available for those on low income. Please contact me directly for details*

Contact Details

+ 07887 933 884

Raynes Park, London, UK

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