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Learn more about Ayurveda 

holistic approach

to wellness, 

digestive health 

and individual constitution     

to achieve your best self.

Meet Maika


Passionate for interpreting the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to suit our modern lifestyles and make it relevant and accessible to our lives today. 

Consultations, therapies and workshops 


Maika enjoys sharing her knowledge through workshops and individual consultations for those wanting more in-depth personalised advice.

Recipes & Healthy Tips 


Have a look at these simple and easy to follow Ayurvedic recipes, tips to improve your diet and lifestyle and ancient Ayurvedic principles adapted to modern life.

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"Maika has helped my son manage his asthma in a completely natural way. Before his ayurvedic treatment he was on steroids for 3 years, which had affected his growth, teeth and ability to stay calm. After 6 months of consultations with Maika the difference was amazing; no more emergency room visits or steroids. He is now a happy 6 year old boy doing all sorts of sports without the need of any inhalers. I am deeply grateful to Maika for all her help and support. Smaro, mum of Lukas."