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Unlock Your Best Life: Master the Three Pillars of Mindful Breathing, Eating, and Sleeping with a Personalised Plan

Certified Ayurveda and Breathwork Practitioner

My tailor-made program is designed to understand your needs and offer a unique approach to address them.

I provide a realistic plan that can be implemented immediately, based on the root cause of the imbalance.

Additionally, I offer support throughout your transformation journey, empowering you to embrace a new chapter in your life with an open mind.

breathing, mindful eating and optimal sleep

Explore the principles of Ayurveda to optimize your sleep, improve your digestive health, understand your unique constitution, and enhance your respiratory health

Simple yet effective ways to achieve your health goals.


"Having met Maika has literally helped me improve my life quality. During 2020 I developed food allergies and she designed a diet plan for me which included ayurvedic ingredients. Big health improvement! This year I took part in many of her breathing workshops and again, loved every minute of them. I strongly recommend Maika."

Kids, women, postpartum, digestive health
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