Green smoothie of course

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

According to Ayurveda, WINTER is strengthening and the best season to improve your immunity.

Why? Because when the weather is cold, your internal homeostatic system compensates by increasing internal Agni or heat. This means that your appetite and your ability to digest are generally stronger during winter. Thus, by eating healthily you can nourish your tissues better.

The trick: have easily digestible food and avoid overindulging.

An idea of a fresh and wholesome relish is this SMOOTHIE which has all SIX TASTES. You can have it for breakfast or a snack before lunch. You can also add a toast with butter / avocado or granola with it. But please do not include milk in this meal.


Sweet: ALMONDS (5) + raisins (a teaspoon)

Sour: LEMON (1 teaspoon)

Salty: pink rock SALT (a tiny tiny pinch)

Pungent: GINGER (peeled, 1cm) + MINT (1/4 cup)

Bitter: SPINACH OR KALE (2 cups)

Astringent: HONEY (1 ½ teaspoon) **Yes, good quality honey is astringent. If you feel it sweet first, it is basically sugar.

WATER (1 ½ or 2 cups)


Blend till smooth. Depending on the blender you have, there will be more or less bits left.

Extra challenge: follow the six tastes concept approach and make your own smoothie.


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