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Respiratory Health

Learn to Breathe Properly for a Lifetime of Health and Wellbeing.

  • 45 min
  • £40
  • Online

Service Description

This Programme is also available to children. We can't deny breathing is VITAL and has a major impact on every system in our bodies. Most of us have lost healthy breathing patterns we are born with, mainly due to modern living (nutrition included) demands. Restoring it is also vital to BALANCE our bodies and emotions. 40 min session £40 or 4 sessions for £150. What conditions can be improved with this practice? - Asthma - Fatigue - Anxiety & panic disorders - Stress - Insomnia - Sleep disorders - Mouth breathing - Hyperventilation - Hay fever & Rhinitis By practicing the Buteyko technique, Pranayama or Oxygen Advantage you’ll learn to breathe properly and efficiently even during physical exercise. It can help prevent the following signs and symptoms of dysfunctional breathing: Signs: Mouth Breathing Random big breaths Irregular breathing Chest breathing Fast Breathing Noisy breathing Shallow breathing Frequent sighing, yawning or sniffing Symptoms: Anxiety Snoring Breathlessness Poor sleep (interrupted sleep or waking up tired in the morning) High blood pressure Tiredness Lack of energy Poor concentration Lower back pain Chronic (long term) coughing How long is the programme? We will meet once a week for FOUR WEEKS. You'll be provided with exercises which need to be practised during the week. These exercises change depending on the condition and needs. *Face-to-face consultations are also available in Spanish and English.

Contact Details

+ 07887 933 884

Raynes Park, London, UK

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