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Embrace sprouts

The wonders of sprouts are widely recognised. Sprouted beans offer a seamless alternative to cooked beans, as they are effortlessly digested by our bodies.

Cooked beans often pose a challenge for digestion, leaving us feeling bloated and uncomfortable after indulging in a dish of chickpeas or lentils. But fear not! There is a solution. By incorporating spices such as coriander seeds, ginger, cumin seeds, turmeric, and fenugreek seeds into the cooking process, you can alleviate these digestive woes. Why, you may ask? Because these spices ignite your digestive power, infusing it with the necessary fire (enzymes) to break down the beans with ease.

Now, let's return to the topic of sprouts, not only do they provide the same essential nutrients, but when combined with the aforementioned spices, they become lighter, more flavourful, and effortlessly digestible.

The beauty of sprouting is that you can start with any bean, seed, grain, or nut you have at home. The possibilities are endless! If you're looking for guidance and inspiration, I highly recommend visiting They have a wealth of knowledge on sprouting, and their "Sprouting Basics and Instructions" section is a great place to start your sprouting journey.

Currently, I am embarking on a sprouting adventure with organic mung beans, alfalfa seeds, aduki beans, chickpeas, and green lentils. (See photo attached) I am excited to see the transformation and will keep you updated on the progress!

Here's a fun tip: Get your kids involved in the sprouting process. It's a fantastic way to engage them in healthy eating habits, and I'm sure they'll find it fascinating and enjoyable.


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