Wholesome salads

Even though cold dishes, like SALADS, are not always recommended in Ayurveda, this RECIPE contains all the nutrients and all the tastes necessary to be part of a wholesome meal, especially at LUNCHTIME.


- Little gem lettuce

- Rocket

- Baby plum tomatoes

- Avocado

- Coriander leaves

- Seeds (any, in this case sunflower seeds, brown and black sesame seeds)

- Sprouted beans (in this case sprouted pinto beans, mung bean and chickpeas),

- Lemon to taste

- Olive oil to taste

- Pink rock salt to taste

- Black pepper to taste

- 1/2 ghee or coconut oil to sauté the ginger + seeds

- 2cm ginger


1. Sautee the ginger till you feel the aroma. Then add the seeds. Turn off the heat when they are turning brown.

2. Add this preparation + the sprouted beans to the already chopped vegetables.

3. Add the dressing to taste + the coriander.

4. Enjoy with a CUMIN BASMATI RICE and/or DAL (depending on your needs)

*I avoid measures when possible. I love feeling what I need and want to eat. I also make use of vegetables I’ve got in the fridge … that improves my creativity ;)


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