Why herbal teas?

Hectic life, eating out, not time enough to cook, grabbing a bite on the go, eating while typing on the mobile or computer and generally stressed out.

This happens to almost everyone as this is part of modern life. We need to find ways to prevent this and encourage positive habits and I do believe in the power of intention, for example sit down and only enjoy your meal. The true intention to change will fuel the necessary energy to achieve what we need. The first step is to detect what will be the most important habit to acquire and concentrate only in one thing at the time.

Most of the food we eat under these circumstances are sandwiches, wraps, crisps, sparkling cold drinks or only a vegetable salad. As you can observe, everything is either cold or dry or both. In our bodies, cold and dry food inevitably will cause one or a combination of the following symptoms: bloating, constipation (or the contrary!), difficult digestion, tiredness or sleepiness. And in our minds, they will possibly trigger anxiety, fear, depression, moodiness and/or irritability.

You can benefit from simple tips when choosing what to eat at work or when you don't have much time. To start with, the opposite of cold and dry (hot and unctuous), for example: a soup, a cous cous and chickpea salad with mild spices or lentils vegetables always accompanied with a herbal tea. Actually many good quality brands sell amazing herbal teas. PUKKA, for instance, offers three gingers, three fennels, mint or after dinner teas. They are all tridoshic (benefit all constitutions) and will all help you to digest your food better and to feel much more comfortable and lighter improving your BODY-MIND WELLBEING.

Why not giving it a go?


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