Yes, I love spices. Here is the reason why

The more I learn about spices, the more I understand the role they play in our diet. In my experience, spices are one of the key habits we need to introduce in the West.

If you get into spices as a way to improve your gut health, it’s a great start. A qualified Ayurveda practitioner will explain how spices can restore your digestion and get rid of “ama”, the Sanskrit word for toxins.

Spices are beneficial for you and have great qualities but these healing properties are only possible if they are used properly. Here are four practical tips:

1- Cook with spices. The way to release their active ingredients or phytoconstituents is to boil them in water (e.g. drinking spice teas) or add them to fat (oils like ghee, coconut, olive).

2- Explore. Spices like cumin, coriander and fennel are a Tridosha blend (suitable for everybody) that can properly aid our digestion. Read more here: Also TURMERIC and GINGER are excellent choices and you can get them fresh, as dried rhizomes or ground. These two can help to protect the gut from damages due to wheat and sugar. You can then have a go at fenugreek and mustard seeds or asafoetida.

3- Use spices on daily basis. It is this consistency that develops the desired healing effect.

4- Buy spices in small quantity. The garam masala (a spice mixture) bought more than 6 months ago won’t do the trick as they lose their potency after that time. Even though they can have an amazing aroma and taste, they will never have the same benefits of freshly prepared spices.

Spicy is described as something that has the quality, flavour or fragrance of spice. It’ll be of great benefit if you can use them in your everyday life to improve or maintain your health and uplift your spirit as well.

And yes, I love Indian food!

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