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Keep searching

Yes, life is so busy and everything is happening so fast that we don't even have time to reflect and assess its meaning. It happens to us all. I can see it with my patients and with myself.

Keep searching to what's truthful to you. Make a space and time in your life. How would you like to accomplish that? What would you like to do: Singing, Yoga, zumba, tai-chi, Ayurveda, gardening, lift-weighting, counselling, hiking, travelling, meditation, detox, stand up comedy, food tasting, painting, playing the violin? All roads lead to Rome ;)

The world is full of opportunities and options, we just need to look for the one that best suits us. An insightful spark or a undoubtful feeling tells us it's the right thing and we just can't deny it. Careful because it's just a second and then we question ourselves, find excuses or deny it. But that second doesn't lie. I'm learning to follow it and be true to myself.

The only thing I can assure is the right therapy/technique/activity is there waiting for you to enjoy it, learn from it and in turn it'll make a difference in your life. It can be a temporary one that'll lead you to the next level or something you'll embrace forever. There's no way to know this now. Just try it and discover yourself.

A happy mind impacts positively on the body and that is also an Ayurvedic fundamental principle.


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