Kids and Autumn

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Last week, my son had a runny nose for the first time in months. So, Autumn is officially here!

Yes, it’s time to prepare our secret weapons to get ready for many months of wind, cold and hopefully snowy days ☺

Autumn and winter should be seasons to rejoice like any other. And even though we may personally benefit or like spring or summer more, our INNER SUN should be shinning all year round.

But let’s go back to kids. Here is what I do with Camilo to strengthen his digestion and thus prevent illnesses.

Food & Dairies

- Please avoid cold milk. If cow’s milk is your preference, warm it up with some spices like cinnamon, ginger or turmeric to improve digestion and benefit from its qualities. There’s no need to add a teaspoon, only a pinch would be enough. And when the milk gets colder, a bit of honey can be added. If you opt for a plant-based choice (Almond, coconut, soya, hazelnut, etc), spices will also enhance its flavour and of course boost digestion.

- Milk should be taken ALONE. No fruit, no fish, no anything. Bad combinations can cause mucus, skin disorders and heavy digestion among other issues. Plant-based milks can be safely mixed with fruit for breakfast for instance.

- Avoid yoghurt, cheese and ice-cream at night! They impair digestion and thus help build up toxins.

- Favour rainbow colour vegetables, at least 40% of the plate. Better if they are sautéed or steamed.

- If your kid has mucus, avoid bananas, too much pasta (or mix it with lots of veggies), refined bread and cow's milk.

- Favour fruits like citrus, berries, apples, plums and the amazing POMEGRANATE.

Herbal preparations to boost the immune system:

- Elderberry syrup (Pukka's). It’s ideal for coughs but because of its ingredients, it’s also a digestive and preventive preparation. Also, follow the instructions but please take it for a month.

- Vaporub is essential during cold days. I apply it on my son’s chest before going to school. If you or your kids have a cough, apply it on the chest with a hot water bottle on top.

- Chyawanaprash jam (Ayurveda Pura's or Maharishi's). Its main ingredient is Amalaki or Indian gooseberry but as most Ayurvedic preparations, it’s composed of many other ingredients. For dose and administration, please follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The other recommended brand is Maharishi Ayurveda. It’s important to take it at least for a month to see results.

- Sitopaladi is the other amazing preparation. It's a traditional Ayurvedic herbal medicine for respiratory issues. It's a MUST at home as well as Trikatu. If you are interested, please contact me for more detailed information.

Hope these tips are useful and you can all enjoy this season in a healthy shape 🙂


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