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The Three Basic Principles in Life

In challenging situations, the only thing we can control is our attitude towards them. Our reactions are the only thing in our power, and this power comes from inner motivation.

Special circumstances force us to focus on activities we are not used to or prefer to avoid on daily basis. The worldwide context nowadays are in a way taking us to places we’d preferably ignore because we don’t feel comfortable dealing with them or because we are unsure how to move forward.

Those people working in the health care system are facing extraordinary challenges to save lives and I believe that’s one of the kindest and most compassionate acts of love. But for those of us who can help staying at home, how can we contribute?

I’ve seen social media overloaded with a widely variety of activities for all tastes, from physical exercises, new hobbies (I even got an email to take up knitting), special TV programmes on all channels, virtual shows in museums and so on. I’m amazed at the variety, the creativity we all have and the desire to make our days go by quicker and to help in so many possible ways. That is for sure something to celebrate.

But on the other hand, for minds addicted to constant stimulation and activity this period can be especially challenging if we cannot find what we are looking for. And if that’s your case, I think it’s an opportunity to embrace this new sensation and benefit from it instead of avoiding it.

I remembered the words of my first Ayurveda teacher. He once said to us, “We insist so much on keeping ourselves engaged in so many different activities that we disregard the basic three aspects our survival is based on: eating, breathing and sleeping properly”. He told us more than 18 years ago but clearly this still has an impact on me.

The truth is how am I going to cope with all my desires, my aims, my challenges if I am missing the “simplest” and most elementary fundamentals of my life.

If I manage to perfect them in time, the rest should be more straightforward. I’d be able to focus on realising myself or whatever I embark on with a stronger foundation. My focus will be on the next steps, without so many distractions caused by inadequate and inefficient habits that will only dampen and delay other realisation.

By engaging in these basic activities correctly, it’s easier to achieve optimal wellness which in turn will help us reduce the stress our bodies have and will power our minds to fulfil what we wish for. You can’t deny that’s a fantastic promise.

· Choosing the right food, which may be different from what benefits others. It has to do with our personal needs, our constitution, our lifestyle, our imbalance;

· Breathing correctly, the very fundamental principle our lives are based on. Yoga and Ayurveda texts acknowledges the importance of breathing properly as it works on the nervous system and improves the capacity of the respiratory system immensely. And last but not least it teaches us to slow down and gain power over thoughts; and

· Sleeping right, which doesn’t only involve the position, to get a restful night and to wake up fresh and energised.

These three aspects are closely interrelated, one influences the other and whatever you choose first to deal with will surely impact on the rest.

Where to start? Focusing on one at the time. That is how we build a sustainable change otherwise we would be frustrated going back to square zero in no time.

How to achieve it? Observe yourself, be truthful and start the search.

So, that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m going back to basics, revising what feels good for me, redesigning inner connections that will allow me to live my life more fully and mindfully with a fresher, more genuine and authentic self. And then I'll be able to more easily transfer this to daily life.

For those who have this opportunity, why not taking it and then share what we have learned with our family, friends or colleagues. We are all connected and as an idealist I feel deep down it’ll make a huge difference in the world around us.

Never underestimate the power of subtlety, the power to make little adjustments to make a difference.

Thanks for reading me, keep safe.


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