The King of Spices

There’s a reason GINGER is known as THE KING OF SPICES. Please imagine a generous, healthy and friendly king with a special interest in digestive, respiratory and circulatory issues.

Ginger will definitely help your DIGESTION and I cannot emphasise enough the advantages of a proper digestion.

The basic concept in Ayurveda is that a good digestion will benefit all systems and eventually will positively impact on your mind. A healthy body will allow the mind to focus without so many distractions.

So, I suggest the following easy and efficient digestive booster. Please mix:

- 1 teaspoon peeled fresh GINGER (that’s 3g, please see picture) +

- Enough GOOD QUALITY HONEY to make it a paste

Take this on empty stomach for 5 days followed by warm water. And observe how you feel.

The catch: the consistency in its use favours the healing result. After this 5 to 7 days, favour GINGER in your daily meals. A pinch every day will work very well.

Extra challenge: during these days, drink warm water with some drops of lemon or lime juice throughout the day.


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