Home-made Expectorant & Digestive Drink

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

All the ingredients are used for both respiratory and digestive conditions so this drink aims at improving your digestion while relieving colds, coughs and congestion.

This preparation relieves congestions, promotes the discharge of phlegm and mucus from the body. It clears the lungs and the nasal passages and also the stomach. It also has a cough relieving action as coughs are usually caused by mucus blockage or irritation of the respiratory passages.

It helps you feel lighter, full of energy and ready to focus your mental energy on what you decide to do next.You can have it twice a day after meals or between meals.


- 4 Raisins 'or' 1 dates 'or' a licorice teabag.

- 3 black peppercorns,

- 3 cardamom buds,

- 3 cloves,

- 1 cinnamon stick,

- A few slices of fresh ginger,

- A few slices of lemon or lime,

- 2 cups of water and

- Good quality honey only when the preparation is room temperature


Put the spices in a pan and add 2 cups of water. Boil this for 3-5 minutes and turn the gas off. Let it rest for 20 min. If you don't have raisins, dates or a licorice teabag, you can add a tiny bit of agave when drinking it.

Have this drink twice or three times during the day. Children can also benefit from it but they may like it with a little extra agave ;) and more diluted with three cups of water.

If you like it more pungent (spicy hot), reduce the amount of water and only add 1 1/2 cup. Adjust the water to your needs, if you have more congestion, mucus or indigestion, reduce the liquid.

For further information about the use of spices, please click on here.

Let me know how you feel afterwards. Enjoy :)

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