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Turmeric for everybody

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

TURMERIC has rightly become widely recognised. Acharyas (Ayurvedic Physicians) mentioned the benefits of TURMERIC in medicinal preparations and daily diet 4000 years ago.

The TURMERIC rhizome can be found in three ways: dried powder, dried whole and fresh (please see photos). If powder is used, it is recommended to be consumed no more than 6 months after being ground as it loses its chemical complexity. And it's always recommended to cook it before using it.

Regarding its dose and administration, they will vary if it is:

  • For therapeutic use. TURMERIC is used to treat conditions such as diabetes, anaemia, liver dysfunctions. To purify the blood and breast milk, heal bones, promote menses, alleviate fever and treat cholesterol. It’s a perfect anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It’s also applied externally in fungal infections, infected wounds, acne, eczema, bruises to mention some of its many benefits. *For each specific case, I recommend a herbalist’s or Ayurvedic practitioner’s advice.

  • As food supplement. ½ teaspoon will serve its purpose. If used on daily basis, it’s mainly preventive, an immunity and digestive booster as well as antioxidant. This is a very useful and simple tip we can all introduce when cooking.

Please REMEMBER, its benefits can be seen when it’s used on regular basis. It’s this consistency that develops the desired healing effect.

A tip for MUMS: I boil a small cup of organic whole cow’s milk with a pinch of turmeric (and a pinch of ground ginger as well ;) for my son every night. This supports his immune system and helps him get a good night’s sleep among the already mentioned benefits. (Please avoid it in case of mucus). You can also use it when cooking your kid’s rice, lentils, pasta…you name it!


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