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Wholesome Oatmeal Delight

In accordance with Ayurveda, the consumption of oatmeal varies depending on an individual's constitution or imbalance.

Ayurveda suggests different ways to incorporate this nutritious grain into one's diet. However, for those seeking a well-balanced and easily digestible option, I present to you my Homemade Muesli. This delectable dish only requires 10 minutes of preparation and can be stored in a jar for up to 3 weeks.


  • 300g instant oats

  • a cup nuts

  • ½ cup seeds

  • Grated coconut to taste

  • Ground spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and/or star anise, to your taste preference. If you are not accustomed to spices, start with a small amount and consider trying each spice individually to appreciate its unique flavour.

  • ½ cup raisins


In a pan, gently dry roast the oats along with all the other ingredients, excluding the raisins. It is important to add the raisins at the end to prevent them from swelling. Continuously stir the mixture to avoid burning. I have captured the transformation in a photo, showcasing the difference before and after dry roasting. The aroma that fills the air during this process is truly delightful.

When you are ready to indulge in a nourishing breakfast, add the following:

  • Coconut or almond milk. Personally, I prefer unsweetened almond milk for its subtle taste.

  • A drizzle of high-quality honey or maple syrup, according to your desired sweetness.

  • Fresh fruit. I always opt for berries, as their tangy flavor adds a delightful twist to each meal.

Lastly, it is crucial to note that in Ayurveda, cow's milk should be avoided. If you choose to consume cow's milk, it is traditionally enjoyed warm and infused with spices, never combined with fruit.

Embrace the wholesomeness of this oatmeal delight and savour the nourishment it brings to your body and soul.


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